Mam & Dad

We are Gina and Jordan, Joey’s Mam and Dad. Joey is our first baby who we love more than anything in the world. We love nice spas, holidays and food (explains where Joey gets it from!) We now have a little puppy called Bumble who is keeping us busy.  We are looking forward to joining Sophie and Jennie on some of their hikes in the Lake District. We are determined that our experiences will aid us in helping others in the future.

Sophie & Jennie

We are Sophie and Jennie, Joey’s aunties. Our interests are similar to Joey’s…playing outside (hiking, running and cycling), eating, laughing, and living life to the fullest. We have a passion for travel and some of our most memorable walks have been in Malaysia, Romania and of course, England! Joey is spreading love and magic and making the world a better place from being a part of it, and being a part of us. Having Joey by our side will be the drive and support we need to complete The Wainwrights challenge and our future adventures.