1 day to go!

Just 1 day to go until we embark upon our Wainwright’s adventure! Over the past few days, we have been crazily busy making the final preparations for our trip. From carefully planning our routes, to fitting in last minute training, our days have been non-stop!

We made sure we got some time to sit down and enjoy a delicious pizza last night as we know it will be a while before we can have another takeaway. In terms of clothing, we have packed items for all weather conditions as it can be very unpredictable in the Lakes and it’s not uncommon to see all seasons in the space of a few hours!

We’ve got lots of different types of footwear as we know the challenge will be tough on our feet, and plenty of socks to change regularly. Other items which are going to be absolutely essential to us are those which help with recovery. We’ve packed compression tights, foam rollers, massage guns and our Shakti mats. We’ve also got a selection of more specialised kit which we may need for days where we have extreme weather or for some of the longer and more challenging hikes. This includes ultra lightweight waterproofs and a range of backpacks. 

We are very much looking forward to our adventure and are determined to make it a positive experience in such difficult circumstances. We will miss seeing our family every day but look forward to them joining us on some of the walks. Tonight we will be completing our final leg of the ’40 runs for 40 days’ challenge. We will be dressing up as Jo Jingles, one of Joey’s favourite characters! After the run we will be heading straight over to The Lakes and plan on getting a good night’s sleep so we are full of energy ready to begin our challenge! 

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Gwan girls your both amazing Joey would be so proud of his Aunties keep up the good work 😍😍🦋🐝

My nieces……Joey’s aunties… proud of you both! Sending much love…and respect….xoxo😘😍💙🐝

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